Chasing Skies

by Dirty Blonde

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released December 2, 2016

Written and performed by Chad Caroland
Additional vocals by Amelia Hammon on tracks 1,4,6,10
Violin performed by Chris Williams on tracks 3,4

Produced by Dirty Blonde, January 2015 - November 2016 at The Eagles Nest and Skypunch Studios in Chattanooga, TN



all rights reserved


Dirty Blonde Chattanooga, Tennessee

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Track Name: Drive Pt. I
I've got lipstick stains on all my white dress shirts
I've got holes worn through
On the bottoms of my dancing shoes
I was drawn to this road not to see where it would go
but because I couldn't stay
It's hard to breathe at night under the city lights
And I had to take a Drive
Track Name: I Wonder
Cold hands while I drive in silence
The quiet helps me clear my head
I wanna tell her that I miss her
But I’ll just smoke another cigarette
If I left now I could be there by morning
Just spend a night looking through the glass
Don’t ask me why I’m not putting my boots on
I’ve got the 60 dollars for gas

Hours away, but you still run my day, oh
I want her to know but I’m scared to call, it’s a shame
Story of a modern man, young without a plan
So I guess I’ll just wait for another day, when I’m no longer afraid

And I wonder - I wonder if she knows?
And I wonder - I wonder if she’s been where my mind goes?
I wonder - I wonder if she cares?
That I think about her when she’s not here

Thinking about you doesn’t make me sad
And February don’t make me depressed
My rib-cage just feels a bit lonely
And I just want to put my heart at rest
For now it’s cigarettes after dinner
Thoughts of a girl while I’m lying in bed
I wanna tell her that I miss her, but I’ll just fall asleep instead

I hate the way you’ve become
My waking thought and my sleeping dream
And every part of me, you have
You know I’m trying to get rid of your memory
You know you’re stuck onto every part of me
Track Name: Backseat Pressure
Worried moms who cannot sleep
send curfew calls but we can’t leave
Every hand movement second guess, as her hair fall onto my chest
Pressure in the backseat, put on something with a beat
All wrapped up in teenage feels, the backseat pressure’s getting real

Chasing words and losing sleep, parent’s morals haunting me
Parking lots in her parked car, who gives a fuck about the stars?
Pressure in the backseat, I can see you want me
On the verge of something real, or maybe blind from teenage feels

Either way, I don’t think there’s much to say

Worried moms who cannot sleep
send cerfew calls but we can't leave
Every hand movement, second guess - as her hair fall onto my chest
Pressure in the backseat, I can see you want me
On the verge of something real, or maybe blind from teenage feels

I know I don’t need this
I can’t shake the feeling
Track Name: Hold My Head
If you hold my head in the dimming light
I'll sing you to sleep every night
If you hold my ribs, in the restful night
I will kiss your lips as long as you like

I haven't seen the stars all damn summer
And I wanna get out on the road
I haven't seen the stars all damn summer
And I wanna get you alone

Bloodblue It is you
Bloodblue has got me
Bloodblue is her hue
Bloodblue has got me again

I know it’s you in my head
Crawling in my ear when I’m asleep
Making your way into my soul
Calling me names
I know it’s gotta be you baby
I know it’s gotta be you girl
I know it’s gotta be you baby

Every night
Long as you like - long as every night
Track Name: Driving East / Losing Light
Driving East and losing light
But that’s okay I never really liked the summer's days anyways
Cruising 85 through Atlanta on Friday afternoon
And cruising in from the Atlantic
Those super-cumulus are gunnin’ for ya

They’re deeper than my darkest wants
And darker than my deepest thoughts.
But when they rain they pour
And it lets the pressure out

Let the pressure out
Let the pressure down now

And when I think about now
It’s the same reason I’m writing this shit down
Just to feel a little bit better now
Just to feel it
Track Name: Ghost Town
The night was warm but I still shake
Whenever I remember how my hand felt on her leg
Sat soaked in sodium light, I’ll always hold you tight
I was always better at making empty promises

I always felt on those warm august nights
There was a vast space between us, though we sat side by side
The air in the back seat of the car
grew more hostile as we stared out at the stars
I was always better than you at never showing my cards

Ray bans, hold hands, listen to our favorite bands
Summer heat, middle-seat, you can sit next to me
Ghost town, windows down, do you want to fool around?
Tape deck, bare neck, will you let me kiss it?
Track Name: Lost Time
Smoke hangs from my mouth, as the clouds come rolling out
In the moonless night I find, I’m a wonderin'
Her name hangs on my mind, it's pointless trying not to pine
In the moonless night I find, it's a thunderin'

When the sun is at my shoulder, and all of this is over
I know that I'll be fine - but for the time being
I wanna get outside my mind, I want back the lost time

I want back the lost
I want back the lost time

I always find myself here, at this time of the year
In the day old summer, my hands are never at home
The harder that you hope, the harder it is to cope
In the day old summer, does the month of May have to be so cruel?

I wanna get outside my head, I wanna fall asleep instead
I wanna get outside of my mind, I want back the lost time

I’ve got a couple more wasted tries - under my belt, no surprise
What am I supposed to do? Where do I go after this, can you tell me?
Give me some direction please - I swear I’ll try anything
I just wanna be back at square one
Track Name: Chasing Skies
It's pouring again out on the Cumberland plains
It’s grey skies and I'm out here driving just tryin’ to get away
These old mountain roads, will take you from home
If you don't want to stay
I used to feel like a lie until I realized
That chasing skies is the American way

Throw your bags in the back of the Cadillac
We're gonna leave this town
Though we're probably gonna come back around
It's hard to just be when you want to just be free
Maybe the only time we're at home is when we're out on the road

Black cats play under the amber streetlight
And there’s a Bloodblue stain on my whole damn night
No silver horn for the distance
Only a fever come Christmas
So sink it fast and sink it there
I’ve got a love affair with love affairs

Getting kinda’ blasted at 4:00pm thinking about it again
Wondering what I should have done different
Was it my fault?
Or was it just not meant to be at all?

Rivers on the sides of streets as the weatherstripping slowly leaks
Distant mountains disappear and I’m left here
Again, again, again I’ve tried to be some better guy
But when I give the benefit of the doubt it never seems to work out

And it’s the three little dots on your phone, that let you know
I’m thinking and writing about how I’m not scared to end up alone
But you probably know it’s pride act
And I don’t know if I can change that
So can you tell me do I ever sound chill enough?
Do I ever sound like I really don’t give a fuck?
And I’m not trying to set a somber tone
It’s just some shit I think about while I'm alone
Track Name: Drive Pt. II
I left the party two hours early the music’s
Too fucking loud, can’t hear myself shout
And this Bloodblue shit I’m over it I can’t stand to
See your face or say your name
And ask me why I couldn’t stay and I will say It was
Just the midnight hour calling me down
And ask me why things have been so strange I’ll just
Pretend like it’s alright

Drinking a fourth of a fifth, thinking about it
I want your soft skin, wrapped around my arm again
I want you wrapped around my arm again
I don’t want you to forget about me
I hope you loved it as much as I did